Why Do Men Get Emotional With Age?

Heartbroken at 18, I had calculated that the little happiness love would bring was not worth the commensurate pain, and with an engineer’s resolve, I declared myself above human emotions. Continue reading Why Do Men Get Emotional With Age?

Connecting Rebellion

The program’s format goes like this: first you play a song from say Iron Maiden, let’s suppose you play Hallowed Be Thy Name, a song about a man on his way to the gallows. To proceed to the next song, the DJ has to find a connection to another artist. Let’s also assume that you have a schizophrenic taste of music and you are also fond of Michael Bolton’s How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. This is a song about a man who doesn’t know how he’s supposed to live without her. Continue reading Connecting Rebellion

Protest Music from Gezi Park

In this case when I say Protest Music I mean something else. I’m adding some videos below which are all about the protests but would not be filed under this genre. Maybe it can be said that just like the people, music genres are also uniting to protest against the PM and his government during the Summer of 2013. Continue reading Protest Music from Gezi Park