Mahir Yalın

Hello hello hello.

Wellcome to my homepage.

I kiss you too, no no no, I kiss you three!!!

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My name Yalto Karibogan.

You like my sexy moustach? You like my chest hair like forest?

Come play with my chest hair. I like it!!!

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This is beach in Turkey.

Looking toples turist girls. Where are turists?

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I love Galatasaray. Lay lala lay lay laaaay Galatasaray!!!

We are best team in Evrope. We win Milan, Manchester United, Monaco…

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I cook with olive oil. Good for heart. My heart is big for you

Come come, I cook for you too.

I cook kebab, omlet, pastirma, rice, dry beans.

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I am the bombaci and a haci.

I go to umre with sexy beard!!!

5.jpg (22014 bytes)

Here with new moustach. You like?

Flavor savor beard. For tasty kebabs!!

6.jpg (15411 bytes)

I am very maco. When I am angry, I kill you!

Joke, joke! I kiss you again!!

8.jpg (13756 bytes)

From londra with love…

If you like I tour you on camel in Turkey.

Very exotic and sexy!

I am waiting for your telefone.

I am very very excited like in picture.

Come to me!

6 Replies to “Mahir Yalın”

  1. you look very hansom in the mustache and your chest hair beauty full and I really wanna to play with it and keep your mustache with the chest hair

    yazan. z

  2. mahir yalın a bayıldım
    bu mahir yalın iyi yazar dı ayrıca iyi de poz vermis
    kıl sakal ve de bıyık isteyen herkese servis verebilir

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